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The TZI Deck

TZI Cards

An Ancient Past -> Lore

TZI Cards re-imagines traditional playing cards, drawing inspiration from the elements and animals of ancient Chinese system of Ganzhi.


A New Beginning -> Formations

TZI Cards incorporate a new figure, the TZI Glyph which provides a way to uniquely identify each card and reveal patterns previously obscured. TZI Cards aren't just a single game, but an entire gaming system!


TZI Cards vs Traditional Playing Cards -> Games

One of the exciting things about TZI Cards is that the sixty card deck creates some unique properties that enables game play not possible with traditional playing cards. Here are some of the features.

Seniority vs Rank

Traditional playing cards establish the value of cards through the idea of rank, lower numbered cards are of lower value.

TZI Cards turn this upside down through the concept of Seniority. The value of cards is determined in order of who comes first.

Elements vs Suits

Traditional playing cards are made up of four suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades.

By contrast, TZI Cards instead are composed of five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Animals vs Numbered and Face Cards

Though each TZI Card has an order and seniority, they are usually referred to by using a combination of the element and animal that appear on the card.

The Sky is the Limit

Many games that can be played with traditional playing cards can be adapted to play with the TZI Cards deck.

We encourage you to try playing your favourite card game with the TZI Cards deck (e.g. Rummy, Poker, etc.). Children's games like Old Maid or Go Fish can be fun as well!

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