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Translating ancient Chinese metaphysics into game instructions is more difficult than I anticipated.
~Mu Mao~ The Book of TZI

Many games that can be played with traditional playing cards can be adapted to play with the TZI deck. There are a few key differences that should be kept in mind.

TZI Cards vs Traditional Playing Cards

  • Seniority vs Rank (Cards Ordering of Value increases as the card number decreases vs deuce low ace high)
  • Five elements vs Four suits (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water vs Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades)
  • Twelve cards of an element vs Thirteen cards of a suit
  • Sixty cards vs Fifty-two cards
    • 12 animals x 5 elements vs 13 cards x 4 suits

We encourage you to try playing your favourite card game with the TZI Cards deck (e.g. Rummy, Poker, etc.). Children's games like Old Maid or Go Fish are fun too! In the future we plan to add more tutorials for these games in this section of our site.

Games from TZI Land

Tǔ Zǐ

2 - 5 Players, 30 Minutes

Guided by the TZI Glyph players compete against opponents to build the most powerful formation.

Developed by Tu Wei. The first game made escpecially for the TZI Cards deck.

Fighting Numbers

Coming soon


Coming soon