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TZI Cards

The word, TZI, is a romanization of the Chinese character , the first of the Earthly Branches. It is also associated with the first of the animals, the Rat. It can be translated as first or child.

The cards in the TZI Cards deck can be thought of as the sixty distinct combinations of the five elements of Wu Xing (五行) and the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

This idea developed further under Ganzhi, (干支 - literallly translated Stems and Branches after the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches that compose it), which was originally used as a way of organizing time through a sexagenary (base sixty) cycle.

The ancient Chinese Emperors employed court astrologers to calculate the particular Stem and Branch combination associated with their reign to either to look for omens or in the interests of propoganda.

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